Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoes Black 45

Art.Nr.  61023-2045
Farbe: Black
Größe: 45

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Whether you’re hunting for Strava PRs or looking to ride big elevation the all-new Torch 3.0 is the perfect companion. Combining classic aesthetics premium construction and elevated comfort the all-new Torch 3.0 is a not-so-distant relative to its S-Works counterpart. Sharing key features like a unidirectional carbon plate dual-zone Boa closure and a seamless upper the Torch 3.0 is an efficient comfortable and dependable performance shoe.

Body Geometry Methodology: The human body evolved to walk not pedal which leads to power-robbing foot collapse misalignment of the foot knee and hip as well as “hot foot” in traditional cycling shoes. The Torch 3.0 like every Body Geometry shoe helps solve these problems with three patented technologies - Varus Wedge Longitudinal Arch & Metatarsal Button - to deliver a pain-free increase in power that’s validated by scientific testing and two decades of well-documented ass kicking.

Carbon Plate: The Torch 3.0 features a lightweight unidirectional carbon plate that enables balanced stiffness throughout the shoe all while using less material thus saving weight and ensuring efficient power transfer mirroring its S-Works counterpart. Additionally large rubber grips on the outsole of the toe and heel provide a stable grippy platform for a seamless transition when pushing off the pavement to clip in or coming to a stop at a traffic light.

Comfort: The key to a comfortable shoe is all in its construction—balanced stiffness paired with incremental fit adjustments and a supple upper is the perfect package for maximum comfort. It’s like the story of Goldilocks—with the Torch 3.0 we made a shoe that fits just right. Bringing riders efficient power transfer paired with premium Boa Li2 dials and a seamless TPU & mesh upper makes the Torch 3.0 the perfect fit for every ride.